Luzee’s™ delicatessen is an outstanding Factory Food and catering business in Boro Park, Brooklyn,New York. Luzy Gluck, started this very successful endeavor in 1980.

Throughout the years, Luzee’s™ Best Deli has continued to flourish and has reaped endorsements from many high profile personalities within New York state, as well as from many areas from within the United States. Why? Because New York is the Kosher capital of the world and Luzee’s™  offers delicious, old fashioned, fresh and organic menu.  And if that’s not enough, Luzee’s™  Chicken  Sesame  is superb. The price isn’t important, it’s the quality.”.



Luzee’s™ is waiting for you!

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  1. david

    Delicious the best kosher cookin in brooklyn


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